Payment Policy

At, we aim to provide flexible and convenient payment options to accommodate our valued customers. Please review the following guidelines regarding our payment process:

  1. Accepted Payment Methods: We accept cash payments for all purchases made through our online store. Whether you prefer the convenience of cash transactions or require an alternative payment method, our checkout process is designed to ensure a seamless and secure transaction experience.
  2. Credit Agreements: In addition to cash payments, we offer the option to purchase items on credit through a four-month agreement. This arrangement allows eligible customers to spread their payments over a period of four months, making larger purchases more manageable and accessible. To inquire about our credit agreement terms and eligibility criteria, please contact our customer support team for further assistance.

At Howalukmany, we understand that flexibility and affordability are essential aspects of the shopping experience. By offering diverse payment options, including cash transactions and credit agreements, we strive to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our customers.

If you have any questions or require clarification regarding our payment policies, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. Thank you for choosing us for your shopping needs.


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